OSGeoLive lightning overview

This presentation provides an introduction to OSGeoLive, some of applications it contains, and how it can help you teach or learn about Open Source Geospatial.

OSGeoLive is a bootable USB and Virtual Machine which is preconfigured with the best Open Source Geospatial applications, sample data, project overviews, quickstarts, and ready-made presentation.

Presentation type: Lightning
Session: Lightning Talks


Cameron Shorter

By day, Cameron is a Software, Information, Geospatial and Open Technologies consultant. By night he helps build open source communities, mainly in the geospatial domain. Over the last couple of decades he has contributed to numerous open source projects, some of which he started. He’s contributed to the OSGeo foundation board, to committees. has co-authored many strategies and processes, and is one of the coordinators of OSGeoLive.